WhatGivesYYC? is about YOU. We have $25k to give away to 6 charities in 2015. So who gets the money? Well, You Decide. You Vote. It's that simple.

Over the course of 2015 we will introduce you to 6 local charities that we believe are doing great and necessary work in our community. We invite you to learn and explore the impact that these organizations are having on real people in your neighborhood. Once you see what is possible we invite you to help us give away our money.

From May 1st to July 31st we gave away 12.5K.

From September 1st to November 30th we gave away $12.5K

The charity with the most votes in each round gets $8K. Second place gets $3K and third gets $1.5K. Who gets what is up to you, YYC.

Vote for your favourite charity. Share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquared etc. and get your favourite charity a shot at $8K and tons of exposure. The kind that only YOU can give.

You Decide. You Vote. You Share. YOU will never know the difference YOU can make.