About antoszOrthodontics


The Fun Stuff:

Dr. Mark Antosz always thought he would be an astronaut but after a conversation with his Dad, dentistry seemed a more viable option. Not as much fun but more realistic. That is what parents are for after all. Since that conversation and some university training (see his full bio here) he has taken care of thousands of smiles. But beyond that and what he is most proud of is the amount of people and dogs (he and his wife Brenda love dogs) that he has been able to help through his orthodontic practice. From the time he began practice he has always found ways to translate his good fortune into something positive for those who haven't been as fortunate. Giving back, as clichéd as it may sound, is a founding value at antoszOrthodontics. It is a large part of what makes us who we are as a company and what we want most to share with you.

Dr. Mark Antosz

Beyond that Dr. Antosz loves Star Wars, Superman and anything comic related. He loves his computers (Mac of course), cheering for the Flames, football, dogs and Italy. Just to name a few things. But he really loves helping people so help him do just that and VOTE and SHARE today with WhatGivesYYC?

The Dry Stuff:

We are a full service orthodontic practice that uses the amazing robotic SureSmile technology to get you in, get out and get going with your new smile faster than you ever thought possible.

We offer a health based approach to your smile because orthodontics is about more that just straight teeth. A healthy bite and properly aligned jaws can ensure that your teeth will last a lifetime.

We can offer you real solutions for migraine pain, TMJ or jaw pain, sleep apnea, grinding and tooth wear.

Our highly trained team are experts at treating orthodontics issues for all ages and situations.

No referral is necessary. We offer highly flexible financing, innovative adult orthodontics and complimentary orthodontic screening.

Because at antoszOrthodontics, orthodontics is not part of what we do, it's all we do.

Trust your smile to the experts at antoszOrthodontics.