What is "WhatGivesYYC?"

It's all about connecting with local Calgary charities,
using the power of social media!

At Antosz Orthodontics we care greatly about you and your family's orthodontic health. We also care about the community that we live and work in and so many of us enjoy sharing our time and good fortune with a variety of organizations that are near and dear to our hearts.

In the past few years we have decided to do more focused and community based work and have created some strong, rewarding and successful partnerships, but the one thing we have felt was really missing is you. Your voice. Your thoughts. Your reach. With that in mind, we proudly introduce to you "WhatGivesYYC?"!

Working with the HighBanks Society of Calgary and KidSport Alberta has given us the opportunity to see what real community involvment can do and we want to do more. Over the course of 2015 we will be introducing you to 6 charities that we believe are doing great and necessary work in our community. We invite you to learn and explore the impact that these organizations are having on real people in your neighborhood. Once you have had the time to see what is happening around you we then invite you to help us give away some money. You learn. You vote. You engage. You get to help your community simply by clicking a button.

You can make a difference and we can help people in need in our community. Join us today and help us give away $25,000.

How it works